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Benefit program goes green

For many companies, taking responsibility for protecting the environment and the climate has become an integral part of their identity. Carbon-neutral benefit programs enable employers to maintain this commitment while boosting their green credentials.

Sustainability offers advantages in the war for talent

‘Be more sustainable’ is the mantra of our times, and it is playing an increasingly important role in many areas of business and society. As it does in the war for talent, i.e. the competition to attract the sharpest minds. Many employees – particularly those from Generation Z – pay close attention to sustainability when choosing an employer, just as they do when purchasing goods and services. Concern for the environment has become an integral element of employer branding, and you could even say that the war for talent has gone green. Sustainable benefit programs are also an increasingly popular tool when it comes to motivating employees, as they boost the employer’s green credentials and have the potential to set new standards.

New feature for popular benefit program

CHG-MERIDIAN has been offering a benefit program for many years. Known as Employer Benefit Solutions (EBS), it focuses exclusively on digital devices, and already boasts a user base of more than 550 companies ranging from medium-sized businesses to DAX-listed corporations. EBS has been continuously refined and new features have been added. The latest is called carbonZER0@EBS and is a means of making the benefit program carbon-neutral.

With EBS, employees receive IT equipment from their employer for personal use. An online portal provides a convenient way of ordering devices, which include the latest laptops, smartphones, tablets and more from a range of up to 400 items. All devices are cost-neutral for employers and up to 52 percent cheaper for employees thanks to government funding for digital learning. Devices are paid for through a straightforward salary deduction process.

Thanks to the latest upgrade, the entire program can be made green – literally at the click of a button. With the same simplicity for which EBS is renowned. If an employer chooses the sustainable option, then a fixed, one-off price is charged per device ordered. “It was important to us that there was no additional administrative work or financial uncertainty for employers and HR departments when using carbonZER0@EBS,” says Sebastian Trabold, Solution Manager at CHG-MERIDIAN. “No matter whether employees order smartphones, tablets, or printers, the price per device remains the same for the employer.” The payments offset all CO₂ emissions generated and go towards internationally recognized climate change mitigation projects. “EBS makes it easier to act sustainably while showing employees that the company cares,” Trabold adds.

How green is the program?

EBS is based on the principle of the circular economy, even without the optional carbon offsetting. After 24 months, employees have the choice of purchasing their devices or returning them. If the devices are returned, CHG-MERIDIAN takes care of professional refurbishment and certified data erasure, readying the smartphone, laptop, or tablet for a second useful life. Employees can return their devices with a clear conscience and exchange them for the latest models.

EBS is made completely carbon neutral by offsetting the emissions from the manufacturing, delivery, and operation of devices. The payments are invested in certified and internationally recognized climate change mitigation projects. Only projects that ensure sustainable economic, social, and ecological development in the respective countries, in accordance with the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals, are supported. The customer receives a certificate for the offset emissions. This guarantees that the savings will only be used to offset CO₂ emissions once; the related certificates are subsequently retired in the official registers.

David von Thienen, functional EBS team leader at CHG-MERIDIAN

“carbonZER0@EBS seamlessly integrates into the simplified overall EBS process. It does not create any additional administrative effort or financial uncertainties. All the customer has to do is choose the sustainable option. We take care of the rest.”

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