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Jul 13, 2017 | Customer Experience Day Hamburg

BBQ of IT recipes

The Customer Experience Day takes place on July 13, 2017 at 5 p.m. at the Design Offices in Hamburg. As a part of this exciting and informative event, you'll have the chance to share your experiences and talk to our experts and other customers.

Our services make your life easier: Digital Signage Solutions offer targeted communication, erasure & Output Solutions offer security and Enterprise Mobility Solutions offer flexibility. Through our technology management services, we provide you with a custom solution and the expert advice of our team.

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Digital signage for targeted communication

Digital Signage Solutions

Expert: Sebastian Trabold, Solution Manager Digital Signage Solutions

“Reliable information is absolutely needed for the success of an enterprise.” Christoph Kolumbus
Digital Signage Solutions offer the possibility to address information in a targeted manner, thus optimizing your processes and company. CHG-MERIDIAN helps you safely bypass all shallows on the way to these new options.

Does my data really need to be erased from printers?

Output Solutions & eraSURE®

Expert: Björn Schumann, Technical Sales Output Solutions

The protection of sensitive company and personal information is becoming increasingly important in times of IT criminality and international hacker attacks. However, the protection of data tends to end where the use of printing and multifunctional systems begins. 

CHG-MERIDIAN has tackled this topic and develops individual solutions and ideas for you.

Challenges in the realization of a mobility project

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Expert: Dirk Schwarz, Service Manager

“The workplace of the future is mobile”
Challenges faced by IT organizations when implementing complete life cycle management for mobile end devices.
CHG-MERIDIAN helps you to recognize and do away with the stumbling blocks.

Opportunities provided by the cloud and dealing sensibly with the risks

Customer Experience: Jörg Mecke, Datacenter & Cloud Consultant

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