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On the sales trainee program at CHG-MERIDIAN (TrailS), Alex Binder enjoys a healthy mix of on-the-job and off-the-job training to prepare him for the day-to-day work in sales, in terms of both processes and business skills.

Alex Binder | formerly Trainee in Sales Traineeprogram (TrailS)

During my bachelor’s and master’s degree courses, I used every opportunity to gain experience in a wide range of business fields. But toward the end of my master’s it was clear to me that my future lay in sales. All I needed to do was to find the right way in. As it was particularly important to me to be both challenged and nurtured at the start of my career, a management trainee program seemed like the right choice. As a former degree apprentice from Ravensburg, I soon came across CHG-MERIDIAN and its sales trainee program, TrailS. After an online test and a successful telephone interview, I was invited to a two-day assessment center at the headquarters in Weingarten. During those two days, it was pointed out again and again that the objective was to determine whether applicant and company are a good match. And having been through the process myself, I can confirm that that is exactly what happens. Before the actual assessment center started, we were given a first glimpse into the world of CHG-MERIDIAN, where everything revolves around the individual planning, realization, and financing of technology infrastructure. The excellent organization and the variety of tasks to be fulfilled were not the only reasons why the CHG-MERIDIAN assessment center left a lasting impression on me. Rather, it was the genuine interest in me as a person and the opportunity, over dinner, to get to know the people behind the assessors, and therefore my potential future colleagues and superiors. The good feeling I had on leaving the assessment center was then confirmed soon after by a job offer.

To begin with, the management trainees spent the first few days at the headquarters in Weingarten. Here, we were given a brief introduction to the procedures relevant to us, the first to-dos for our successful start at the company, and a laptop and smartphone. Equipped with everything that I needed, I moved on to Munich, my future place of work. The first stage of TrailS is to get to know CHG-MERIDIAN’s business model and the processes behind it from the ground up. You spend the first three months in Internal Sales learning the ropes. Working alongside experienced colleagues, you are quickly involved in the day-to-day business and get to experience at first hand the challenges of operational processes. The knowledge and experience acquired here provides a solid basis that makes the subsequent work at the customers more effective and efficient. 

CHG-MERIDIAN started out in 1979 as an owner-managed specialist in IT project finance, and over the next 40 years it evolved into a provider of technology management. Pure IT infrastructure financing is no longer in demand due to changing customer requirements. Instead, it is all about end-to-end solutions that reduce customers’ workloads, optimize their processes, and fit tight budgets. As an expert in both financing and IT, CHG-MERIDIAN is able to unite the two areas. Our customers not only enjoy full transparency and full control over their IT, they also have round-the-clock access to information on service level, cost center, and the location and particulars of each asset.

As CHG-MERIDIAN is independent of individual banks and manufacturers, and is only bound to its customers, it can provide a one-stop solution that is unique on the market.

To prepare you for the day-to-day work in sales, in terms of both processes and business skills, CHG-MERIDIAN’s management trainee program offers a healthy mix of on-the-job and off-the-job training. After spending time in Internal Sales, every trainee is assigned an experienced co-worker as a mentor with whom the first projects are tackled. This includes sales-related activities such as customer analysis and acquisition, identifying solutions, generating quotes, and closing sales – and all in coordination with the customer and the partners. You need to be well versed in certain processes and have certain skills to complete these tasks successfully. To acquire and consolidate these skills, management trainees at CHG-MERIDIAN complete a variety of training modules. For example, you’ll learn how to present and conduct a successful sales pitch, you’ll gain insights into mathematical finance, and you’ll learn about business etiquette. The combination of theory and practical application provides the best possible preparation for the challenges of working as an account manager. The three-month secondment within the CHG-MERIDIAN Group is a great opportunity to see things from other perspectives – you get to meet international colleagues, you can learn from them, and can even pass on knowledge to them. You have an opportunity to make a real difference as a colleague from Germany who is closer to headquarters and to current talking points and solutions than the staff in the international subsidiaries. And with more than 20 international offices to choose from, there is an exciting destination for everyone.

Back from my time abroad, I now need to set my future career on the right path and manage my first customer projects. Over the next 24 months, you are given all the tools you need to achieve this. So if you are looking for an opportunity to take on responsibility and get actively involved, start the application process now.


Meanwhile Alex supports the public sector Sales Germany as Account Manager at our Munich office.


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