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Are you looking for new professional challenges? Do you want to develop further and grow with us? We will be delighted if you choose to pursue your career at CHG-MERIDIAN.

Experience counts

Whether you are a knowledgeable specialist, a graduate with professional experience, or an executive with leadership qualities, at CHG-MERIDIAN you can put your experience and skills to good use in our main business areas of technology, administration, and financing. You can assume responsibility and work independently on exciting projects.

What else do we offer?

  • Internal specialist and managerial training at our inhouse academy
  • Site-specific benefits, e.g. childcare, flexible working hours, corporate health management, cafeteria, and much more.
  • Personal opportunities for continuing professional development, e.g. through the Potential Development Program


Put your expertise to good use with us. We look forward to welcoming you.

Our hierarchies are flat and our motivation is strong. Team spirit and pulling together are very important to our company, and our approach is characterized by appreciation and respect. This has won us recognition as a TOP JOB employer. You can look forward both to a pleasant work environment and to working with the latest equipment.

As an internationally successful company we are expanding further and generating growth in many markets. We are always on the lookout for ambitious employees to complement our team and to actively support innovative ideas.

Are you keen to get involved, to show initiative, and to deliver? Take a look at our current vacancies and become part of the CHG-MERIDIAN family.

Current Experience Reports

SUSANNE SCHWOB | Internal Sales

My name is Susanne Schwob, I have been working at CHG-MERIDIAN for 23 years. In this time I have experienced many positions: I started with administrative tasks and errands, I also spent some time at the telephone exchange, in logistics and in invoicing as well as in the internal sales for public contractors. I have now worked in the internal sales for industrial customers in Baden-Wuerttemberg for seven years.

At that time I had nothing to do with IT

I joined CHG-MERIDIAN half a year after my apprenticeship as a paralegal. It became clear to me relatively quickly that I would never have had the opportunities to move up and develop in my apprenticeship profession that CHG-MERIDIAN could offer me. Even though I had nothing to do with IT technology back then, I got involved with CHG-MERIDIAN and I have never regretted it to this day.

Growth makes every day an adventure

The exciting part of my job is that one day is never like another. When I started at CHG-MERIDIAN there were a total of 35 employees, now we are an internationally operating business with more than 700 employees. The tasks have become significantly more varied and complex and there are constantly new challenges. It is just never boring and every single person is needed for the expansion of the company.

An unbeatable team

I hope that I will be able to continue to take part in the development of CHG-MERIDIAN in the future, to be able to continue to work together with long-serving and new customers and colleagues and to be able to pass on my experience to the next generation. At the same time, I hope to find new incentives and suggestions by working together with my young colleagues. Coupled with the experience of the older colleagues, that is an unbeatable team. It is nice to see how the CHG-MERIDIAN company has developed over the past 20 years and it fills me with pride to have played my part in it.

My motivation

My motivation to keep working at CHG-MERIDIAN, however, comes from the cooperative interaction with every single colleague from varying departments as well as cooperation with the customers. Because I know how respectful and exciting it has already been, I would also like to see where the journey will take us in the future. It remains exciting and exhilarating.

MURAT OGUZ | Head of Tax Department

My name is Murat Oguz, I am head of the Tax department at CHG-MERIDIAN and have worked at the company since March 2008. I was born and grew up in Ravensburg. Even before starting my career, I decided on the region and, shortly thereafter, the big „glass box“ between Ravensburg and Weingarten. Even during my apprenticeship and later during my degree, the headquarters of the company was always an eye-catcher on my way to work.

CHG-MERIDIAN was and is an absolute hit for me

The alternative to my career at CHG-MERIDIAN would have been the classic „apprenticeship“ as a tax advisor or auditor. After finishing school, I completed my apprenticeship as a tax accountant assistant and then went to the cooperative high school in Villingen-Schwenningen to study "taxing and auditing". Even during my apprenticeship it was clear to me that the creation of company tax returns over the past years would not be the challenge that I wanted to continuously set myself. It was and is my goal to play an active role in an international environment. To have an influence on the creation of businesses and to help with optimization. CHG-MERIDIAN is one of the few globally leading manufacturer and bank-independent providers of efficient technology management in the areas of information and communications technology, industrial goods and healthcare. The opportunity to join CHG-MERIDIAN was therefore an absolute hit.

From tax consultant to department head

I enjoyed a very good, in-depth and professional apprenticeship in a tax accountancy and auditing company in Ravensburg. I am proud to have been a part of that team and thankful for six great years. The decision to change my career was not a decision against my employer at the time, but a decision to do something new and for CHG-MERIDIAN. Today I can look back and say that I did all the right things.

19 foreign subsidiaries require and support a good know-how for international tax law

It is particularly the challenges in the international environment that make my day-to-day life exciting. CHG-MERIDIAN is now represented across the world with 19 foreign subsidiaries. Along with the national tax topics, it is also increasingly important to develop a good know-how of international tax law, to assess transactions and, if necessary, optimize them.

To us, team means: We win together and nobody has to prove they are perfect

„One world – one vision - one company“ – this is not only an internal advertising slogan. We live by this motto every day. At CHG-MERIDIAN everything begins with the team. Short paths and an official communication are our basic principles and motivators. Motivators because we are not under the illusion that we are perfect. We win together and we stand by our learning potential. This is what the word "team" means to us, and we find our motivation from this every day. If you have this openness, then you will fit in well at CHG-MERIDIAN and should definitely get to know the company.

LUZ ROGER KLING | Senior Account Manager

My name is Luz Roger Kling, I have been working in Sales at CHG-MERIDIAN for 18 years. My career began in 1981 at IBM. That's a total of over 30 years in the IT industry.

To pastures new – my start at CHG-MERIDIAN

You could ask the question why does somebody leave a major company like IBM after 14 years without any urgent reason to switch to a small company with just 40 employees at that time? I asked that question myself! But I wanted change and new challenges in a new industry and I wanted to be able to make a difference. That is easier to do in a small company than in a big one. The decision for CHG-MERIDIAN was taken with the certainty that my existing knowledge would be of use again in the IT-oriented company CHG-MERIDIAN. My original plan was a maximum of 8 years and to then change again. Another alternative was the software sector with a focus on staying abroad.

CHG-MERIDIAN – An employer which remains interesting even in the long term

I did not make my planned switch to a new employer as CHG-MERIDIAN is constantly moving and I never felt the need for external change. I did not have the feeling over the past years to have missed out or given anything up as CHG-MERIDIAN grew from a small regional company to the internationally operating market leader in the sector. What always contributed over this period was the healthy working environment, the short reporting paths, the chance to change something yourself and to make a contribution to the success of the company.

A dynamic working day

My working day is exciting – one is never like the other! I work together with people – nationally and internationally. I get to know new people every day. In some cases this can be a challenge, in others new friendships are created. The job itself is already exciting, as it cannot be pigeonholed in a limited grid – you are a Sales employee and consultant and my product is the sum of information technology, finances and company organization (processes). The IT industry is growing quickly and continues to be in a constant flux – this means that I have to go with the flow and continuously develop my skills. It is not boring!

My wish for CHG-MERIDIAN's future

My wish for the future is that CHG-MERIDIAN continues to be successfully positioned on the market, that it finds new target markets based on the core business and finds new business fields and that the strength and creativity of the individual leads to an overall package with our own, unmistakable handwriting, as it has until now.

The switch to CHG-MERIDIAN was a bit of a dive into the deep end for me! I took a leap of faith back then and have not regretted it to this day.

CHG-MERIDIAN is a successful company with many prospects and, despite growth and movement, the philosophy is set out for longevity, even in personnel policy.

DOREEN WALTER | Internal Sales

Hello, my name is Doreen Walter. As a trained industrial clerk and business economist (WA), I worked as a sales assistant at an authorized dealer of forklift trucks in Dresden before my switch to CHG-MERIDIAN AG. I have been working in Internal Sales at the CHG-MERIDIAN AG headquarters in Weingarten since 2002. After the birth of my two children I again worked part-time in Internal Sales.

Children and career – no problem at CHG-MERIDIAN

Thanks to the support of CHG-MERIDIAN AG I was able to continue to pursue my career even with small children.

With the help of cooperation projects and the company position regulations we were able to find a day care place for our children without any problems. CHG-MERIDIAN AG supported me and my family with this great commitment. I kept contact with my colleagues even during parental leave and my children were always welcome on visits to the company. Thanks to training sessions and the support of my colleagues my knowledge was quickly up-to-date. All of this allowed a seamless re-entry.

Flexible working hours give me the freedom that I need as a mother

I currently work 20 hours per week. The combination of family and my career gives me great joy. As CHG-MERIDIAN AG pays a part of my day care contributions, it is worthwhile to work part-time. I was able to put together my working hours after consultation with my colleagues and superiors relatively flexibly. For example, sometimes I only worked in the afternoon. If I have to stay at home because of the children from time to time, my home office connection is available.

A requirement for a seamless process is, of course, a certain continuity in my output and this is required by CHG-MERIDIAN AG. As a „representative of Internal Sales“ I am a contact for customers, suppliers and colleagues. Along with the administrative area of responsibility, such as the creation of contract documents, the answering of customer and supplier questions, cooperation with internal departments and occasional customer visits together with Sales colleagues are all part of my tasks in Internal Sales.

I look forward to the future

CHG-MERIDIAN AG makes it possible to unify career and family. There is enough time left over for both. I am excited for the further development of the company and look forward to being able to contribute towards this success with my job in future.


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