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Our e-books & whitepapers offer you high-quality information on a wide range of topics from the fields of IT, industrial and healthcare technology. Benefit from the technical know-how of our experts and draw valuable impulses for your work.


  • Using Resources efficiently: The future of IT Procurement

    Digitalization is widely regarded as a driver of climate change. Climate-conscious companies are therefore adopting a new IT procurement concept.

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  • How agility can be a factor in the success of digital transformation in German hospitals

    In light of challenges such as the new Hospital Future Act, investment backlog and a lack of qualified staff, the ability to rapidly adapt has never been more important. Find out how agile processes, methods and financing models can be successfully implemented in hospitals.

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  • Sustainable IT infrastructures ensure long-term success

    Using rather than owning: A whitepaper about Circular Economy and the benefits of leasing or rental models with sustainable reuse of IT assets – including our carbon neutral financing option carbonZER0.

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  • Whitepaper: Routes to digital learning - Digitalizing schools in five steps

    The digital revolution is changing the face of education. Writing materials and blackboards are being replaced by web-enabled devices and educational software. For Germany’s schools, this means significant investment and a lot of time spent on IT matters.

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  • Sustainable Procurement

    The intelligent procurement, use, and remarketing of IT equipment allows companies to cut costs and be more resource-efficient and sustainable. This is a competitive factor that is growing in importance.

    Read more in the Whitepaper.

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    How new finance strategies are driving digital innovation in hospitals and increasing patient welfare

    pdf, 2 MB

    Innovative tools and software components are worth nothing if the IT infrastructure behind them is not up to scratch. This white paper uses current examples to show how IT infrastructure can be a limiting factor and provides tips on how you can build an agile, flexible, and future-proof infrastructure tailored to your own specific requirements.

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    A good user experience is an important factor in creating value and achieving
    success. It enables companies to keep employees happy, accelerate digital change processes, and improve business outcomes. A digital workplace journey makes this easier to achieve than you might think.

    pdf, 717 KB

    This white paper highlights the strategies that companies can adopt to improve employee buy-in for the digital workplace and shows how they can get the most out of their digital workplace investments.

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  • Digital Collaboration: How to make collaboration tools work

    Collaboration tools can link people and share knowledge across time zones and physical locations, making work more efficient and productive. But the prospective users have to be on board.

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  • Digital Transformation in the Healthcare sector

    Around the world, the digital transformation is radically changing many areas of our daily lives, including healthcare. Yet Germany is still lagging behind when it comes to digitalization. Any hospital hoping to hold its own in the competition for patients and skilled personnel needs to invest in improving performance and preparing for the challenges of the future.

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  • Procurement 2.0: Self-Service makes it simple

    Conventional IT procurement methods are complex, protracted, and take up a lot of resources. IT departments waste valuable time on installing new workplaces and maintaining the existing systems landscape – time that could be used to address important strategic matters. The complete digitalization of procurement processes and the involvement of users via a self-service portal frees up time and increases user satisfaction.

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  • Digital Workplace: CIO as entrepreneur

    Efficient utilisation concepts for agile business models.

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    Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) are a new but mature technology for the retail trade that offer significant benefits and great growth potential. Given the changing competitive structures in online and traditional bricks and mortar retail, and the transparency that today’s consumers enjoy, ESLs look set to become a permanent fixture.

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  • The need for better data protection and data security in the digital age

    The advent of the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has increased the focus on the protection of sensitive patient data. In our latest white paper, we explain how CHG-MERIDIAN can help you to manage patient data and networked technologies, enabling you to digitalize your internal processes efficiently and in compliance with new data protection requirements.

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  • International IT and Communications Procurement

    A bewildering choice of technology, plus the need to keep up with the latest digital innovations, overcome geopolitical market barriers, and juggle commercial aspects such as verying currencies, tax rates, and financing rules. These are just some of the many factors that are making IT and communications procurement at multinational companies ever more complex.

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