IT Financing and Budget Management

Maximise your IT budget and only pay for what you need

Avoid tying up capital when investing in the latest technology and benefit from a predictable payment stream, allowing you to manage your budget better.

Leasing instead of buying makes economic sense

Innovative usage and financing models avoid high acquisition costs, ensuring improved cash flow and budget planning.

When you own technology, managing service costs and maintenance expenses can be challenging. Without a regular refresh regimen and a well-managed asset management process, you may end up with outdated or under-utilized equipment and a lack of transparency. The impact on your business affects productivity as well as your bottom line. Do these challenges sound familiar? They certainly do to us.

That's why our first step is to provide you with a clear overview of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your IT infrastructure and work with you to understand exactly how much technology you need for your business for now and to support your future growth.

Based on this analysis, we create a customized, flexible financing solution. We aim to make your finance structure as cash-flow friendly as possible, allowing you to stretch your budget and invest in more technology while offering attractive savings opportunities over the usage period.

Painpoints in numbers

Stretch your budget

67 %

of technology leaders say that they are expected to do more with a smaller budget.
- KPMG (2023)

Improve customer experience

61 %

61% of CIOs consider excelling in CX a critical outcome of technology investments.
-Gartner (2023)

Enable increased investment

75 %

75% of financial service leaders plan to increase spending on technology.
- Gartner (2023)

Smart technology financing solutions to optimize your budget

Digitalization and process automation are key drivers for greater business productivity and growth. To achieve this, employees need to be equipped with modern smartphones, notebooks and tablets. However, new IT devices cost money. Money that you don't want to tie up at the moment or have budgeted for other investments. We provide smart solutions to avoid this cost trap. With tailor-made usage models and financing solutions, we help you update your IT landscape, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) through instalments that include maintenance, service, and residual value. Predictable payments optimize your cash flow, and help maintain your liquidity. The outcome? An intelligent financing solution, engineered to your specific needs.

How you can benefit with CHG-MERIDIAN

  • Uncovering the total cost of ownership through a holistic TCO analysis
  • Basis for sound financial planning
  • Clear definition of monthly installments as part of a usage model
  • Good decision-making aid
  • Simpler planning and budgeting
  • Remarketing of existing devices via CHG-MERIDIAN
  • Inclusion of residual values in the leasing installments
  • Lower total amount of installments compared to one-off acquisition costs
  • Faster integration of new technologies
  • Easy return of unused resources and seamlessly add any additional devices needed.
  • No financial burden or under-calculated investments
  • Reduction in maintenance and service costs
  • More efficient workflows and regular technology refesh regimen thanks to a usage model
Competitive advantage through optimized cashflows

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"CHG-MERIDIAN is the right choice for us because it can guarantee a degree of flexibility that none of the other competitors were able to offer. Our choice of partner was therefore based not solely on financial viability – although this was a relevant factor – but also on commercial transparency."
Marco Ruffinoni, CIO bei PENNY Italia
100% transparency to support better business decisions


Whether it’s managing devices across multiple branches, tracking payment flows, optimizing device utilization or adapting to new requirements, our tesma platform seamlessly integrates commercial and technical data.
Gain real-time insights and full transparency throughout the device lifecycle, enabling flexible management, precise financial control and simplified reporting. From initial planning and rollout to device retrieval and data deletion, tesma streamlines every phase with ease.
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