Industrial Technology Budget Management

Balancing technology investments with positive cash flow: A strategic approach

For industrial technology, utility-based payment models such as pay-per-use or pay-as-you-earn are intelligent concepts for remaining flexible and keeping risks low. Learn how we can structure a tailored solution for you.

Bridge the gap: intelligent financing and technology usage models for enhanced flexibility and budget optimization.

To achieve growth, you must also make strategic investments in technology that supports your business operations. . However, volatile markets, fluctuating demand and extremely dynamic supply chains make it difficult to calculate the necessary funds you need and reduce risk in your asset acquisitions. How can you finance the technical equipment you need without losing liquidity or over-extending? These are questions that are best answered by trusted experts who understand your business.

Lets talk about the numbers

Predictable return

65 %

of German companies say that the predictable return of leased assets is an important argument in favor of leasing - Kantar (2020)

production machinery leasing

25 %

of new leasings in Germany are production machinery, with an increase of 7 % in 2022 - BDL (2022)

increase investments

24 %

of companies in the industrial sector in Germany are planning to increase investments in the coming months - Statista (2023)

Upgrade your equipment without the financial headache

Whether you need to renew your outdated equipment fleet or want to introduce innovative technology, we at CHG-MERIDIAN are here to help. Our intelligent financing and utilization solutions merge upcoming investments, positive cash flow, and cost reductions seamlessly. To do this, we work with you to determine your investment requirements, your planned usage behavior and your available budget. On this basis, we develop a financing solution that allows you to realize your plans immediately - without expensive loans or fixed rates.

Utility based payment models such as pay-per-use are intelligent concepts for remaining flexible and keeping risks low. This is because they are based on the actual use of your assets (pay-per-use) or the revenue you generate with them (pay-as-you-earn). In other words, you pay according to the actual utilization or in parallel to the revenue you generate with the financed assets - i.e. only when your investment is earning you money again.

With our financially and technically experienced professionals, you can do both: invest in a way that preserves liquidity and reduces costs. Discover the smart way to optimize your budget - with expert support from CHG-MERIDIAN.

How you can benefit with CHG-MERIDIAN

  • Avoiding high initial investments
  • Distribution of costs over the entire period of use
  • More flexible budgeting and creation of financial leeway
  • Risk minimization
  • Harmonization of financial flows
  • Easier planning
  • Demand-oriented use of resources
  • Ability to respond to changing market situations and adjust expenditure
  • Use instead of own
  • Reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO)
Success stories

British American tobacco: Vending machine outsourcing

Discover how we relieved BAT Switzerland logistically and financially

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"Managing our fleet of vending machines was time-consuming. We had to spend administrative time on operational activities that are not our core business. By setting up an effectively managed fleet of vending machines, CHG-MERIDIAN has given us more time for our core business."
Zoltan Hutkai, Corporate Finance Manager bei BAT Schweiz
100% transparency to support better business decisions


Whether it’s managing devices across multiple branches, tracking payment flows, optimizing device utilization or adapting to new requirements, our tesma platform seamlessly integrates commercial and technical data. Gain real-time insights and full transparency throughout the device lifecycle, enabling flexible management, precise financial control and simplified reporting. From initial planning and rollout to device retrieval and data deletion, tesma streamlines every phase with ease.

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