Shaping the digital revolution in the public sector

Digitalization processes open up new opportunities for the public sector, but they also create various challenges. CHG-MERIDIAN supports you with individual IT usage concepts in order to shape your digital transformation efficiently, budget-oriented and sustainably and to seize chances successfully.

We will accompany you on your journey to a digital future – we are at your side!

Digitalization processes open up new opportunities for the public sector, but they also create various challenges:

  • How can capital expenditure on technology be balanced with budget savings?
  • How can public-sector organizations keep step with Industry 4.0 trends and satisfy citizens' growing demands for the digital delivery of services?
  • How can the goals 'digital government', 'digital education', and 'digital working' be implemented incrementally and sustainably?

Political, legal, economic, and social parameters have a constant influence on structures, objectives, and people in the public sector, whether at national, federal state, or local government level, at publicly owned enterprises, in education, or in charitable institutions. In this complex environment with conflicting interests, CHG-MERIDIAN supports public-sector clients with its years of industry-specific expertise and market knowledge as well as its extensive portfolio of solutions and products.

We will accompany you on your journey to a digital future.



Our aim is to optimize the value chain along the technology lifecycle and to ensure that public-sector clients are fully equipped and able to adapt to changing digital demands over the long term.
Frank Schöneberg, Head of Public Sector Sales Germany

Four pillars for your success

CHG-MERIDIAN helps public-sector organizations to shape their digital transformation sustainably along the entire technology lifecycle – with intelligent financing, technological modernization, and digitalization of the workplace.

The challenge is to develop end-to-end business concepts that are not only standardized and transparent but also flexible, determined by customers themselves, and customized to satisfy their individual requirements. CHG-MERIDIAN's broad expertise means it is ideally placed to deal with this complex balance of interests. Moreover, it is familiar with the market-relevant laws governing the awarding of contracts.

Our integrated approaches rest on these four pillars:

(1) Support for digital transformation and modernization

Increase efficiency. Ensure long-term performance and adaptability.

The digital revolution offers not only a wealth of potential for technical and business innovation but also social development opportunities for public-sector clients, whether at national, federal state, or local government level, at publicly owned enterprises, in administration, in education, or in charitable institutions. By modernizing and digitalizing technology landscapes, we help you to fully unlock these success factors.


(2) Intelligent reporting for administration through efficient technology management

Create transparency. Make sound decisions. Streamline administrative processes.

At a time of budget constraints and growing pressure to cut costs and consolidate, it is as essential for public-sector clients as it is for companies in the economy to create transparency, make sound decisions, and streamline administrative processes. Our tesma technology and service management system provides this transparency and helps to control costs.

(3) Adherence to budgetary and efficiency targets through intelligent financial models

Make savings. Increase liquidity. Ensure flexibility.

High costs and a lack of budget are seen as the main obstacles to further modernization and digitalization in the public sector. Our tailored financing models help you to adhere to budgetary and efficiency targets. The benefits for you are lower total costs, minimized risks, and greater financial flexibility.

(4) Innovative organizational culture thanks to targeted employee development

Expand digital skills. Manage change.

The use of state-of-the-art technologies and systems forms the technical basis for digital transformation processes. However, the reorganization of internal structures and processes is driven by employees. We provide you with the necessary tools to build up your employees' digital skills and prepare them for the workplace of the future.

Our solutions for modernizing and digitalizing your organization

We are one of the world's leading non-captive providers of technology management and financing, enabling public-sector clients to obtain end-to-end solutions for their digital transformation from a single source. Our integrated and customized concepts optimize the technical infrastructure and boost the digital skills of decision-makers and employees.

We strive to support the complete modernization and digitalization of public-sector institutions and publicly owned companies in order to secure their long-term performance and adaptability, taking account of growing requirements regarding value for money, compliance, and technological standards.

Frank Schöneberg, Head of Public Sector Sales Germany at CHG-MERIDIAN

Our customers benefit from lower total costs, reduced risks, enhanced efficiency and transparency, strong digital skills, and a greater willingness to embrace change on the part of decision-makers and employees.

The possibilities for incremental and sustainable modernization and digitalization are huge, whether for screens, laptops, tablets, smartphones, or scanners. Click on the appropriate device to discover more about our solutions.

Digital Signage Solutions

Direct approach, fast content exchange, high acceptance levels, and strong presence – the advantages of electronic shelf labels (ESLs) and large format displays (LFDs) are obvious. We would like to show you how easily you can benefit from them.

Output Solutions

Your goal: a paperless office and integrated work processes in which information passes seamlessly from one process to another. Our solution: customized concepts for a well-designed output infrastructure. The result: efficient operations and lower total costs.

Managed Desktop Solutions

Do you want to manage your IT workplaces easily and intelligently? Whether you are using PCs, laptops, or convertible devices, we produce customized business concepts that help to optimize the costs of IT workplaces.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The future world of work will be digital and mobile. We can equip you with all the capabilities and services required for convenient and secure mobile working. Our comprehensive end-to-end solutions give you the foundations for a unique and well-designed mobile strategy.

Employer Benefit Solutions

How can you develop your employees' digital skills and, at the same time, become a more attractive employer? We provide the perfect answer as part of our Employer Benefit Solutions: the Employee PC Program (MPP).

Software Solutions

The right choice, implementation, and management of enterprise software will reduce your costs and increase project security. Thanks to our in-depth experience of licensing and tax law as well as business, commercial, and accounting aspects, you will see just how easy it is to achieve compliance.

Intelligent reporting through efficient technology management

Our 360-degree service offering covers the three interlocking phases of the lifecycle model: planning and selection of the appropriate IT / product solution (preparation phase), procurement, commissioning and asset management (productive phase), and remarketing and certified data erasure (end-of-life phase).



Even though every technology project is different, we can make things easier for you with a single model-based methodology: our tried-and-tested three-phase model. It forms the basis for our comprehensive expert support over the entire IT lifecycle – and beyond.
Leave lifecycle


Three interlocking phases making one complete whole mean that we are by your side from start to finish – in every phase of your technology project.


End-to-end customized business concepts require an integrated view. We thoroughly analyze your project and provide you with comprehensive advice while always thinking ahead. We make sure that your project becomes a lasting success. A test phase allows you to see for yourself.



  • Independent analysis and examination of the work environment
  • Individual usage and cost saving plans



  • Long-term procurement strategy
  • Standardization and automation of the procurement process


Efficiency requires the logical use of all resources. We support you throughout the entire term of the lease – as a single, expert provider. Your dedicated contact person will give you detailed advice on all technical and commercial matters.



  • Project management
  • Site-by-site rollout coordination and documentation
  • Ready-to-use installations



  • First/second-level support
  • 24/7 or 8/5
  • Servicing
  • Monitoring


  • Risk protection and claims settlement


  • Management of data backup and restoration
  • Protection against data loss


A sophisticated end-of-life process will benefit you in many ways. Our service extends from collecting assets to certified data erasure. And we carry out our professional remarketing and disposal in line with the principles of green IT.



  • Certified data erasure


When it comes to the financial management of your assets, we support you from start to finish. The technology and service management system known as tesma is at the heart of the lifecycle. As a result, it provides you with an overview not only of all the commercial aspects but also all the technical aspects. All key business information is transparent and available to you in real time.


  • Creates full transparency throughout the entire technology lifecycle
  • Takes into account commercial and technical aspects


  • Pay-per-use charging
  • Cost-center allocation
  • Flexible leasing models


  • Capacity and cost optimization
  • Detailed reporting

Our lifecycle model illustrates how CHG-MERIDIAN successfully supports you in every phase of your technology project.

Complete transparency and cost control with tesma

To make the processes within this product lifecycle transparent, we use our proprietary tesma technology and service management system. The application provides a central database for all key business information, making it available in real time. The software makes flexible administration, financial control, and accurate reporting possible for all technologies, and is a valuable decision-making tool for day-to-day technology management. tesma also improves process efficiency within organizations.

More information can be found here:

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Secure and environmentally friendly – throughout the entire technology lifecycle

In our Technology and Service Centers, we refurbish IT equipment so that it can be reused once or even twice more. CHG-MERIDIAN provides a seamless process, from collection of the IT assets from the customer's premises and data erasure to reconditioning and resale at top prices. Around 95 percent of assets are remarketed in this way; the rest are professionally recycled by certified partners.

More information can be found here:

We offer two certified data erasure processes: eraSURE® and eraSURE®+. Both are automated, provide an audit trail, and meet all compliance stipulations. The requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are of course satisfied, too. Tailored to your needs, eraSURE® and eraSURE®+ are a cost-effective way of erasing your data.

More information can be found here:

Intelligent financial models: a lasting reduction in total costs

High costs and a lack of budget are seen as the main obstacles to further modernization and digitalization in the public sector. Moreover, the public sector's capital expenditure on technology and IT comes with a clear expectation that savings will be achieved in the medium to long term. These are not always visible to customers at first glance.

Our customized business concepts and tailored financing models help public-sector clients to adhere to their budgetary and efficiency targets.

Whether you opt for classic leasing, total project financing, sale and lease back or BVB rent, we will be guided by your needs and take account of your specifications regarding payment periods, budgetary planning, and defined useful lives.

The benefits for you are simple cost-center-specific charging, lower total costs, and minimized risks. You can thus invest in your digital future and, at the same time, give yourself greater financial flexibility for further investments in progress.

Innovative organizational culture thanks to targeted employee development

The use of state-of-the-art technologies and systems forms the technical basis for digital transformation processes. However, the reorganization of internal structures and processes is driven by people at all levels of the company. It is therefore essential to a comprehensive and sustainable digital transformation that decision-makers and employees alike are involved in change processes and that they participate in targeted development activities.

Frank Schöneberg, Head of Public Sector Sales Germany at CHG-MERIDIAN

Today's organizational structures thrive on digitally savvy staff and a future-oriented leadership culture.

The importance of digital skills

Employer Benefit Solutions such as the Employee PC Program, in which companies provide their employees with mobile devices for personal use, help public-sector organizations to boost their digital skills and increase the workforce's willingness to embrace the digital revolution. As a result, customers benefit from more motivated and efficient employees and also become more attractive as an employer. Digital skills are thus a vital qualification for employers and employees alike.

The future of work: mobile and connected

Our well-designed mobile strategies based on Enterprise Mobility Solutions ensure that public-sector organizations and their employees are fit for the workplace of the future. Equipping employees with mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) not only gives them more flexibility in terms of when and where they work but also increases their productivity and response times. Secure app management and certified data erasure using eraSURE® at the end of the lease ensures that company data is protected at all times.

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