Industrial Fleet Management

Manage your industrial fleet more efficiently

Greater productivity and lower costs: with a standardized, transparent industrial fleet concept and smart asset management, a lot can be achieved in terms of efficiency.

Boost Productivity and Cut Costs with Smart Fleet Management

From industrial trucks and load carriers to work clothing: no matter what industrial assets you are dealing with, CHG-MERIDIAN offers optimization opportunities everywhere through efficient management of your equipment. Away from confusing detail work, manual processes and time-consuming paperwork - towards a transparent, digital process that makes everything much easier.

Uncover potential savings with an asset management system

At CHG-MERIDIAN, we help you to keep an eye on your industrial assets and keep your costs under control. And above all: uncover potential for savings. With an asset management system that provides you with fully digitized transparency on all commercial and technical data of your assets at all times.

Depending on the special field, we go into detail with you to determine and link commercial and technical information. On this basis, you can make better decisions on how to optimize your budget and the use of your assets. For increased productivity and efficiency. So it's worth taking a closer look: We will be happy to do this for you.

How you can benefit with CHG-MERIDIAN

  • Analysis of costs over the entire life cycle of your assets, including service, repair and operating costs
  • Transparent presentation of total costs
  • Basis for well-founded decisions on an individual fleet concept and optimal use of resources
  • Detailed needs analysis and adaptation of procurement to actual requirements
  • Optimized capital allocation (allocation of financial resources)
  • Creation of a comprehensive overview of commercial and technical asset data in our asset management system tesma®
  • Identification of trends and deviations in order to continuously improve replacement cycles and processes
  • Promoting the sustainable use of resources
  • Reduction of waste and harmful environmental impacts through timely replacement and reuse of assets
Success stories

Fleet TCO analysis: Find out how MONDI was able to make the use of its industrial trucks more efficient

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"When purchasing industrial trucks, we lacked a basis for comparing the acquisition costs. It was therefore difficult for us to assess which vehicle was actually the most cost-effective for our individual needs, from an overall cost and efficiency perspective. CHG-MERIDIAN carried out a fleet TCO analysis using a productivity test to compare different brands of the same vehicle type. We now have a reliable and objective basis for decision-making."
Mariyan Banchev, Category Manager Technical Services & Automation bei der Mondi Group
100% transparency to support better business decisions


Whether it’s managing devices across multiple branches, tracking payment flows, optimizing device utilization or adapting to new requirements, our tesma platform seamlessly integrates commercial and technical data. Gain real-time insights and full transparency throughout the device lifecycle, enabling flexible management, precise financial control and simplified reporting. From initial planning and rollout to device retrieval and data deletion, tesma streamlines every phase with ease.

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