CHG-MERIDIAN supports Super Q’s growth strategy with customized usage models

Strategic usage models boost growth for Super Q

The popular retail chain Super Q is planning to further increase its number of customers in Mexico. CHG-MERIDIAN is supporting Super Q’s growth strategy with customized usage models – for everything from IT to material handling and production equipment . The cutting-edge technology provides faster, better, and more cost-effective work processes.

Miguel Salomón, General Manager at Super Q with Armando Barajas, Account Manager at CHG MERIDIAN Mexico

With more than 200 stores, Super Q has a broad regional presence in the Mexican states of Querétaro and Guanajuato. The popular retail chain attracts around 26 million customers a year and is planning to increase that number still further. CHG-MERIDIAN is supporting Super Q’s growth strategy with customized usage models – for everything from IT to material handling and production equipment . The cutting-edge technology provides faster, better, and more cost-effective work processes.

Founded 25 years ago, Super Q continues to expand, with seven new stores opening in the anniversary year of 2023 alone. The profitable retail chain offers a wide range of groceries and pharmacy items, both its own and other brands, and is very well established in the market. Miguel Salomón, General Manager of Super Q, explains how the alliance with CHG-MERIDIAN contributes to its success: “In 2020, we were aiming to further boost our positive business performance, and in CHG-MERIDIAN we found a partner who understands our operational requirements and can offer us the sort of IT and technology management that enables us to simplify our day-to-day processes and make them more profitable.”

Split-second transactions speed up shopping

It all began at the point of sale. CHG-MERIDIAN equipped the checkout areas with cutting-edge technology, such as scanners and desktops. As a result, split-second card payment transactions and shorter waiting times have sped up the customer flow and significantly increased the performance of the individual stores. For the next step, Super Q was keen to make its fleet management more effective. This was achieved through a financing solution in which all units are leased, which reduces the administrative burden for Super Q and simplifies financial planning. It also means that they always have the latest fleet vehicles, since everything is replaced after 36 months.

No more bottlenecks in the goods distribution center

Miguel Salomón, General Manager of Super Q

Developing the best possible technology concepts, customized to the specific requirements of every individual customer – that is how CHG-MERIDIAN does strategic consultancy. What it means in practice can be seen in the Super Q distribution center. Well versed in intralogistics due to their extensive experience, the CHG-MERIDIAN experts soon identified optimization potential. They analyzed how to better organize Super Q’s internal transportation systems and how to prepare them to handle additional volume in the future. Based on transparent facts and using benchmark comparisons, they recommended the integration of electronic material handling equipment. This allowed Super Q to streamline processes from goods inward all the way to goods out, resulting in the elimination of distribution bottlenecks. “The most important part is that with CHG-MERIDIAN we have felt very supported, since it has treated us in a very personalized way and has made us participants in the improvements we require in terms of operational flow,” says a satisfied Miguel Salomón, summing up the experience.

The collaboration with CHG-MERIDIAN continues to expand. Super Q is currently ramping up its bread production in order to boost business performance even further. Central to this is an industrial bread baking line that is being leased through CHG-MERIDIAN. Super Q is aiming for a 20 percent production increase, measured in terms of stock keeping units (SKUs). Or to put it another way, the sales volume of these items, which the company produces itself, will increase by more than half at a single stroke. That means even greater choice for customers, and another growth opportunity for Super Q through increased sales potential.

Miguel Salomón, General Manager of Super Q

“CHG-MERIDIAN has been at our side as a strategic technology consultancy for several years, supporting our growth with optimized solutions and increasing our operational efficiency.”

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