IT procurement 2.0

A boost for employee motivation

A year into the pandemic, it is clear that productivity in the digital workplace is largely dependent on employee satisfaction. But how do you motivate your most important resource when you need to cut costs and your IT department is facing unprecedented challenges?

Whenever employees frequently change workplaces and need to be very flexible, satisfaction with their equipment plays an increasingly important role. This applies to everything from laptops and smartphones to equipment such as headphones. Anything that makes workflows faster, more convenient, and easier benefits both personal motivation and output for the company. Work would be much easier if a device was selected by the user to meet their requirements and preferences. But would that not exceed most budgets, not to mention the additional burden of procurement and device management placed on the IT department? Not at all. The solution is TESMA® Portal.

TESMA® Portal automates procurement

With TESMA® Portal, employees can enjoy a self-service experience that is almost like an online store, complete with a selection of devices tailored to their individual needs and workplace requirements. Ordering is quick and easy via TESMA® Portal, so the days of time-consuming form filling, approval, and scanning are over. Approval processes are automated, and users are free to choose whether to have the device delivered to their workplace or to their home. And if you want to make it easy and secure for your employees to use the device outside of work, you can do that with TESMA® Portal too.

A special feature of this type of individual procurement is that employees can upgrade to a higher-spec device of their choice for a personal surcharge. So if they want the very latest smartphone model, more memory in their laptop, a processor with more power, or a greater choice of – or more suitable – peripherals, they simply order what they want. The difference in cost can be deducted easily and automatically from the next salary payment, so there is no need for a separate bank transfer or any other form of payment.

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“At a time when cost savings and employee satisfaction are of major importance for companies, our TESMA® Portal is an opportunity to offer a nice self-service experience to the employees while saving budget.”
Geoffrey Umba, Country Service Manager at CHG-MERIDIAN in Belgium
Geoffrey Umba - CHG-MERIDIAN

Easily manage support, service, and device replacement

In an area where things can sometimes run less than smoothly, TESMA® Portal provides processes that make work faster, more seamless, and more straightforward. This is another factor that increases efficiency and job satisfaction: The Portal not only provides cost-neutral procurement for the company, it also automatically handles support, maintenance, any necessary updates or repairs, and the replacement of devices, including secure data erasure.

Employees no longer need to make long-winded requests via the IT department, fill out forms, and wait for processing and approval. Instead, TESMA® Portal provides a familiar sense of being a customer. No one has to interrupt their work for longer than strictly necessary, and the excitement about the new equipment begins with being able to select it themselves. The entire interaction with the Portal leaves a positive impression, even where the work environment can sometimes be quite challenging. Working remotely or from home has become the new normal, and any additional relief and convenience are a plus.

Out-task procurement and cut costs

Procurement via TESMA® Portal is not only a great motivating factor for employees, it also has an important external effect by allowing the company to present itself as an employer that offers the perfect environment for highly qualified staff. And unlike many other investments in this area, out-tasking device procurement and management via TESMA® Portal is completely cost-neutral for the company. The IT department can even make savings.

IT procurement calls for simple and efficient solutions, so that the expertise of a good IT department can be focused on ongoing digitalization and innovative solutions. By taking device approval and other routine administrative tasks off their hands, these experts can be freed up for more productive work. This is exactly what TESMA® Portal does, with the added bonus of keeping expensive downtime to a minimum. It also provides the finance department with easy access to all relevant facts and figures, while admins enjoy full transparency with regard to location, terms, and all other aspects of device management. TESMA® Portal is an innovative solution that can help companies to create a sustainable, long-term environment that facilitates remote working throughout the business.

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