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Unlock your full potential by leasing technology and saving money and resources at the same time.

Leasing puts you in the fast lane

Today’s IT decision-makers face many challenges: 

  • Skills shortage
  • Permanently changing requirements for the IT landscape
  • Cost pressures
  • Increasing importance of sustainability
  • and data protection

According to IDC’s Worldwide ICT Spending Guide, expenditure on information and communication technology will rise to more than US$ 330 billion by 2026, with annual growth of 6.4 percent. Individual leasing models are an excellent way to keep up with innovation profitably.

Leasing instead of buying

Advances such as AI place a heavy burden on IT and processes. This calls for an end-to-end solution for financing and managing transformational technology to enable you to unlock your full potential, protect budgets, conserve resources, and respond flexibly to changes in the market. 

Your potential benefits

Today, leasing is far more than financing alone. On top of cost advantages and financial predictability, you receive a full-service package that reduces your IT department’s workload. Your business can benefit from the latest technology, individual customer service, automated device deployment, and an efficient way to support sustainability.

I. Innovative Technology

  • Always up to date: The latest devices and regular updates at the best price.
  • Immediately usable: No more long periods of waiting or downtime.
  • Happy employees: Innovation helps to retain staff.

II. More IT capacity

  • More time thanks to out-tasking: Outsourcing of processes that add little value saves valuable time.
  • Self-service solutions: Enabling employees is a productive game-changer.
  • Process optimization: Simpler, more transparent, and more digital processes.

III. More flexibility

  • Customized models: Individual solutions tailored to your needs. Independent of manufacturers and banks.
  • Current: Flexible adaptation of the IT landscape in line with market and customer trends.
  • A range of requirements: All user requirements covered, regardless of department.

IV. The right arguments for your stakeholders

  • Cost savings: Savings from customized usage models are often a double-digit percentage.
  • Green IT: Pitch the sustainable impact that energy-efficient IT has on the achievement of environmental goals.
  • Operational excellence: Proactively drive the digitalization of your business.

“CHG-MERIDIAN is the right choice for us because it can guarantee a degree of flexibility that none of the other competitors were able to offer. Our choice of partner was therefore based not solely on financial viability – although this was a relevant factor – but also on commercial transparency.”

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To lease or to rent?

Many businesses ask themselves this question. The truth is that both options can be successful, it depends on what your goal is. Around the world, renting gets you set up quickly thanks to predefined service packages, whereas leasing gives you the freedom to flexibly choose which services you require.

We can help you to decide which model is best suited to your business in a personal consultation!

The perfect solution for your business


Work digitally: The latest devices - cleverly and sustainably financed. Use  cutting-edge IT equipment as a driver for greater efficiency and innovation, and a magnet for a satisfied team.

IT Overview 

Leverage potential: Easily manage your  production, warehouse and logistics equipment. Monitor your diverse technology across all countries and keep total costs under control.


Stay fit for the future: intelligent use of cutting-edge medical technology and hospital IT. Position yourself successfully against the competition with modern technology and counter cost pressure with clever savings.