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Sustainable cooperation with aquafil

A successful partnership in the era of the circular economy

For over 50 years, Aquafil has been one of the leading players, both in Italy and globally, in the production of synthetic fibres. The Group represents a landmark for quality, innovation and new models of sustainable development; with more than 2,700 employees and 15 plants, it now operates in 3 continents and 8 Countries. Always committed to a concrete policy of environmental protection, back in 2008 Aquafil created Energy and Recycling task force, to serve all the production structures of the Group, in order to promote the culture of sustainability, the use of energy with low environmental impact and from renewable sources, energy saving and the use of recycled raw materials. A vision that perfectly matches the principles of circular economy, leading to increasingly durable products made of recycled materials. Marco Zoia, ICT Technology and Service Manager in Aquafil, says: “In the era of circular economy, sustainability is at the core of our Group values, to achieve considerable energy savings. For many years, we have been incorporating recycled and recyclable material into our industrial process, thus allowing the replacement of virgin raw material of non-renewable origin, by secondary raw material resulting from the recycling of various nylon wastes, including used fishing nets and carpets, otherwise sent to landfills. The result ? ECONYL® regenerated nylon, having the same characteristics if compared to nylon obtained from fossil sources. We have recently sponsored and financed a number of projects in line with this vision, on which our business model is based. In line with our corporate philosophy, our strategy is based on the search, in the market, for partners sharing the same approach, also from a technological point of view; with reference to a major operating lease project, we have carried out an analysis of the various entities available on the market, and we realised that the CHG-MERIDIAN was match-ing the same commitment, especially with reference to the management of the assets’ end-of-life.”


The international group with headquarters in Germany has been managing its customers’ technology invest-ments for more than 40 years. The principles of the circular economy are deeply embedded in the company’s DNA and have been shaping the business model for decades. It covers the entire lifecycle from procurement and use to data erasure, refurbishing, and remarketing. In its Technology Center based in Frankfurt, up to 95% of the returned assets can be made available for remarketing, thus having a second life. Any equipment that cannot be reused is sustainably returned to the material cycle through our certified recycling partners. In addition, the Group is committed to the use of natural and renewable energy sources. “CHG-MERIDIAN’s vision with reference to the circular economy was a key factor in the choice of a Partner for the operating lease. We have thus undertaken an important project that has gradually involved the entire IT portfolio of our company: datacentres, pc desktop, printers and even smartphones” Zoia states.


The chance of defining flexible framework agreement according to our business specific need, makes the procurement of devices easier and more efficient. Leasing solutions are enhanced by TESMA®, the proprie-tary software tool designed for financial and asset management, which represents an excellent tool in the management of devices throughout their life cycle. The tool plays a particularly strategic role in the phase of End Of Lease, as it assists in the phase of asset disposal. The whole procedure is directly managed by TESMA®, thanks to some important customizations that CHG-MERIDIAN has been able to implement, ac-cording to our requirements. Our partnership is based on flexibility and transparency, but also on mutual sharing; shared principles and values, such as the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy. What future in the technology market ? New business and economic opportunities, that could ensure the preservation of environmental heritage of our planet”.

“CHG-MERIDIAN vision with reference to the circular economy was a key fac-tor in the choice of a Partner for the op-erating lease.”


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At CHG-MERIDIAN, we believe in end-to-end sustainability, efficient technology management with the highest level of information security, fair competition, and respectful dialogue with stakeholders.

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Using our technology lifecyle expertise, we manage all kinds of equipment, from smartphones and laptops to healthcare technology and forklift trucks. tesma is the platform through which we implement our customized business concepts, keeping your costs and administrative burden to a minimum. And not least to make work more enjoyable, as many processes are straightforward, paperless, and convenient.

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Expertise and transparency across the board

Our technology centres in Germany and Norway have been your partner for asset collection, data erasure, refurbishment, and remarketing for over 20 years.

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