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Your devices remain safe to the end

Viruses and trojans, hackers and secret service agencies, careless employees, theft. The list of potential causes of data loss is long. Even at the end of a device’s useful life, someone has to take care of it and the data stored on it. The Enterprise Mobility Solutions from non-captive mobility service provider CHG-MERIDIAN, based in Weingarten, southern Germany, take care of this.

Company smartphones and tablets contain sensitive data that must not get into the wrong hands, yet many businesses feel they cannot cope with the administration of their mobile devices and with ensuring their security over the lifetime of the device. CHG-MERIDIAN focuses on technology management in businesses and bundles all necessary measures into mobility solutions incorporating comprehensive service over the entire lifecycle of the devices. CHG-MERIDIAN also provides efficient and intelligent assistance with the protection of devices and data.


The biggest challenge lies at the end of the lifecycle

Data security begins with the security of the mobile apps, and continues with the selection of devices and the classification of security levels for individual employees. The biggest challenge, however, lies at the end of the lifecycle and the end of the useful life of the devices. When these need replacing, they must be disposed of securely, so that no-one can access the data stored on them. Only full and permanent erasure of the data on the devices can ensure this. CHG-MERIDIAN offers customized services to meet the individual protection needs of companies. Standard protection is provided by eraSURE®, a server-managed data erasure process that is certified by DEKRA. CHG-MERIDIAN’s Technology and Service Center in Gross-Gerau, central Germany, which was established 15 years ago, carries out this and other processes. In Skien, Norway, the data erasure process is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and is NSM-compliant. The experts at both Technology and Service Centers specialize in erasing data, recycling devices, and refurbishing them for the secondary market.


Data erasure takes place in a secure area with biometric access controls

Companies requiring greater security can use eraSURE®+, a TÜV-certified and BSI-compliant data erasure process carried out at CHG-MERIDIAN’s Technology and Service Center in Gross-Gerau. This sophisticated process starts with the recording of the serial numbers of all of the customer’s devices, followed by the collection of the devices in sealed vehicles with GPS tracking. The final step is the erasure of the data in a secure area with biometric access controls by staff who have undergone background checks. Whichever erasure process the customers have chosen, at the end an erasure certificate is issued for each serial number, providing customers with an adequate audit trail. The proprietary TESMA® technology and service management software displays the entire process and enables customers to monitor it in a clear and transparent way. CHG-MERIDIAN can advise customers on the appropriate level of protection to choose. Is it general data, or is it sensitive data belonging to the board of management, to government agencies or to the arms industry, or is it even top secret data requiring the highest level of protection?


A customized solution for every customer

Anyone can delete data. Every CHG-MERIDIAN customer receives a customized solution that is tailor-made to their specific devices and data and that balances security aspects with the aim of realizing the highest possible residual value for the assets. Certified erasure provides the peace of mind needed to resell IT equipment on the secondary market. Other providers might offer individual EMS services, but only CHG-MERIDIAN combines all services, from roll-out to roll-back, and offers a single point of contact. As useful as smartphones might be, they can also mean a lot of additional work for businesses – especially when it comes to security. These small devices are important for business, but should not require too much administrative effort. CHG-MERIDIAN offers a service that covers the entire lifecycle. Roll-back and data erasure are fully automated, tailor-made, and cost-efficient, and provide a full audit trail for compliance purposes.


Enjoy all the benefits of mobile working. We will be pleased to help you to enjoy tomorrow’s way of working today.

Thorsten Staudenmaier-Föhr

Solution Manager

Hubert Glomm

Technical Sales