Environmental protection is my top priority, but takes up my time.

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Environmental protection is my top priority, but takes up my time.

With the right partner, implementing a sustainable IT solution is just as quick and straightforward as conventional IT procurement.
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How can I justify the additional costs of green IT?

Sustainable IT does not need to be expensive. The additional cost of making a smartphone carbon-neutral is just a few cents a month.
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Sustainable activities have to be fully documented.

Platforms such as EcoVadis can help to provide proof of a sustainable supply chain. When choosing an IT solution, you should look for internationally recognized certificates, for example for offsetting emissions.
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The circular economy and climate action – Long-term success thanks to sustainable

The job of a sustainability manager is challenging. You are tasked with making your company more sustainable, but you mustn’t lose sight of commercial realities. You also have to bear new laws and regulations in mind. Our white paper explains how to ensure your IT is sustainable and profitable. It provides:



What do our customers say?

“We aim to manufacture at least 50 percent of the products we make ourselves from renewable or recycled materials by 2025. Sustainability, and therefore safeguarding or improving the quality of life for future generations, is very important to us. carbonZER0® is the perfect fit for Storopack and is helping us to achieve our sustainability targets.”
Thomas Mühleisen, Head of Corporate IT, Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH

FAQ: What you need to know as a sustainability manager

How can my company reduce the amount of electronic waste it generates?

Around 50 million tonnes of electronic waste is generated each year. We reduce electronic waste by systematically refurbishing and remarketing old equipment. In 2020, we gave 96 percent of lease returns a second lifecycle. Working with our certified recycling partners, we returned the remaining 4 percent to the material cycle as far as technically possible. By the way, we can remarket any IT you already have in your company. The proceeds can be used to bring down the costs of your first project.  

How can IT become more sustainabe ?

As it is very difficult to avoid the CO2 emissions of IT devices, CHG-MERIDIAN supports international carbon offset projects through its carbonZER0® product. By offsetting your emissions, you can demonstrably reduce your company’s carbon footprint and make a tangible financial contribution to climate change mitigation.

Sustainability must not cost too much. How can I respond to that?

Sustainable IT need not be expensive. The cost of leasing a smartphone via carbonZER0® is just a few cents a month. Opting for a customized business concept based on the circular economy can also pay dividends. You avoid high initial investments, benefit from attractive residual values, and we take care of sustainable remarketing. 

Sustainability has to be documented. What should I look out for when it comes to documentation?

Sustainability managers are already obliged to provide a wide range of documentation and are accountable for corporate social responsibility along the supply chain. That is why CHG-MERIDIAN uses the EcoVadis platform to transparently document our commitment to sustainability. And our customers receive an official certificate when they offset the emissions of their IT equipment. 

Checklist – your benefits:

  1. Solutions that are sustainable AND cost-effective.
  2. A partner ranked as one of the top 25 percent of sustainable companies (according to EcoVadis). 
  3. A program (carbonZER0®) that compensates CO2 emissions, which cannot be avoided.
  4. Internationally recognized certificates and climate change mitigation projects as evidence of your sustainability.
  5. A customized business concept that includes remarketing – straightforward and profitable.


96 %

of devices can be refurbished for a sustainable second life.


~ 1 million

The number of assets CHG-MERIDIAN refurbished in 2021.


20 21

Since 2021 we compensate non-avoidable CO2-emissions through financial climate contributions.

“Companies have to prove that their business practices are sustainable in the long term and at all levels, and that they are making a positive contribution to society and the environment. Only then do companies obtain their social license to operate.”
Matthias Steybe, Group Sustainability Officer at CHG-MERIDIAN
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A tour of our technology center

Every year, just under a million assets, from printers to smartphones, are refurbished and remarketed at our technology centers or via our approved partners. Join us on a tour of our technology center in Gross-Gerau.

Excerpt from our white paper

“The remarketing of used IT technology extends the lifecycle and reduces electronic waste, saving valuable resources and reducing the amount of greenhouse gases and pollution from potentially toxic waste.

Leasing and rental models increase collection rates so that more assets can be refurbished and reused. In its action plan for the circular economy, the European Commission advocates using incentives more to encourage adoption of the ‘product-as-a-service’ model. By renting or leasing their IT, companies can be active in several areas defined by the circular economy.”