How can I optimize my IT procurement processes?

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How can I optimize my IT procurement processes?

We provide you with a one-stop solution for managing your processes centrally with a high degree of automation, including a full overview of your IT landscape.
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Sustainability and reducing costs: are they compatible?

We analyze the TCO of your IT and develop customized business concepts that enable you to reduce your overall costs and integrate sustainable services with no additional effort.
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How can I achieve my sustainability targets?

Procurement targets and sustainability targets can work hand in hand. We can make your IT carbon-neutral – with no additional effort and with all the necessary certification.
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Sustainable IT procurement: affordable, straightforward and sustainable!

As a buyer, you have many contacts and stakeholders, and you manage large amounts of data, often on a global level. The complexity and costs of this increase if you have to equip mobile and hybrid workplaces. On top of that, you also have to take new environmental guidelines, such as the German Supply Chain Act, into account. Our white paper explains how to ensure your IT procurement is sustainable AND cost-efficient.


What do our customers say?

“We chose CHG-MERIDIAN as they are able to transparently process everything via TESMA® Portal, and we were impressed by their returns process, which includes refurbishment for a second product life. That was particularly important to us, as it meets our own high sustainability standards.”
Sabine Tschöp, Procurement Manager in Corporate Services, Clariant Germany

FAQ: What you need to know as an IT buyer

How can sustainability work when IT procurement cycles are getting shorter and shorter?

We believe in the principle of the circular economy. We provide you with the IT that you need and take your old assets away for refurbishment and remarketing. This increases the assets’ useful life, reduces electronic waste, and allows your company to always benefit from the latest IT technology.

Climate action increases costs. Why should it be any different in IT procurement?

We offer a one-stop solution that delivers sustainable IT in a cost-efficient way. We start off by analyzing your potential for savings: What devices are in use around the world? Do you need them all? What are the internal costs of administration, maintenance, and repair? Do you already remarket your old equipment, and if so, is this profitable? And if you want to make your IT more sustainable, we can arrange that for just a few cents a month. 

How does sustainable IT procurement work?

We offer our customers the opportunity to make a financial climate contribution for unavoicable CO2 emissions that are generated in the production, use phase, and end-of-lease phase of their equipment, including all transportation. This contribution is used to support selected international projects aimed at mitigating climate change. You receive a certificate for the contributions, issued in accordance with international standards.

How can I check my suppliers’ commitment to sustainability?

You can use a platform such as EcoVadis, for example. It provides information on many companies’ commitment to corporate social responsibility, and ranks them accordingly. CHG-MERIDIAN has a silver rating, placing it in the top 25 percent of sustainable companies.

Checklist – your benefits:

  1. A cost-efficient customized business concept. 
  2. Maximum transparency via our tesma platform.
  3. An international team that reduces the burden on you as much as possible.
  4. Efficient remarketing of your old assets in line with the circular economy.
  5. Sustainable IT: little effort, big impact.


Number 1

According to Deloitte’s 2021 Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey, efficiency in procurement processes has replaced cost savings as the number 1 priority in procurement.


82 kg

The amount of greenhouse gases generated by an iPhone 12 Pro. The bulk of these are emitted during production. Refurbishment and remarketing can spread them over a longer period of time.


30 %

The weighting given to the factor ‘sustainability’ in public tenders in Norway. Other countries are already working on similar criteria.

“A growing number of public tenders require companies to present full documentation of their sustainability activities, which increases the influence, and the responsibilities, of IT procurement. That is why CHG-MERIDIAN has its sustainability activities assessed by EcoVadis every year.”
Matthias Steybe, Group Sustainability Officer at CHG-MERIDIAN
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A tour of our technology center

Every year, just under a million assets, from printers to smartphones, are refurbished and remarketed at our technology centers or via our approved partners. Join us on a tour of our technology center in Gross-Gerau.

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“Scarce resources and digitalization call for a new form of IT procurement that is more usage-oriented and has a greater focus on sustainability. It provides the basis for efficient IT management and greater planning certainty and flexibility. It also delivers solid cost benefits.

Digitalization, sustainability, and cost efficiency work hand in hand. They offer companies a variety of benefits and help to position them as pioneers of a movement in which corporate social responsibility plays a key role in customer acquisition and retention.”